Thursday, 14 May 2015

Recipe: Rose creams


This simple no-bake recipe is an easy gift idea, a great choice for a friend with a sweet tooth – and a quick one to make with children. We've used rose water extract to flavour the patties, but you could easily substitute the rosewater for the same quantity of peppermint, vanilla, lavender, almond, coffee or orange extract (etc) depending on your tastes. Make sure you use gel food colouring and not liquid - adding too much moisture to the mix will affect the consistency and you could end up with a gloopy mess instead!



Makes 35x 4.5cm rose creams


175g condensed milk

1/4tsp rose water extract

One drop of pink gel food colouring

450g icing sugar (sifted)

A little plain flour (to dust your surface)


1) Prepare two baking trays with greaseproof paper.
2) Pour the condensed milk into a bowl, add the rose water and gel food colouring and stir through to achieve an even colour.
3) Gradually add the sifted icing sugar and mix into a dough – turn out onto a clean work surface to knead to an even consistency.
4) Dust your work surface with a little plain flour and roll out the dough to a thickness of approximately 5mm.
5) Stamp with a 4.5cm button cookie stamp (we used the Emma Jane's Bakery daisy design) and cut out.
6) Arrange the rounds on the baking trays.
7) Chill for one hour (or until set)

The rose creams can be stored on layers of baking paper in a well sealed tupperware container for up to two weeks (in a cool room or the fridge), or can be frozen for a month.


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