Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Get your craft on: making product tags with Speedy Stamps

Hand-stamped Emma Jane's Bakery product tags
I've always really liked the aesthetic of rustic ink-stamped product tags, they take a little longer to produce, but the nature of hand-stamping each one makes each label unique - which fits the hand-finished aesthetic of Emma Jane's Bakery perfectly. A few weeks ago I was contacted by to ask if I'd like a free rubber stamp featuring my company logo. Little did Speedy Stamps know, their email had actually arrived just as I was contemplating a new ink stamp purchase. I already have a lovely ink stamp with my company name and URL, which I use to print the labels for the cookie stamps we make and sell. Unfortunately, through some of my online sales channels I'm not able to feature my own website on the packaging, which to date has led to some careful (and time consuming) cropping of tags for certain orders. 

But now I have a beautiful stamp featuring my hand-written shop name, for use for non-direct sales.

I have to say, the quality really is very good and I love the look of a larger, slightly bolder logo on the tags.

With thanks to for the lovely new ink stamp!

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  1. Love this! Your stamp looks amazing on the tags, and the handwriting is so in tune with your super cute packaging. It's definitely the kind of thing I'd play with for hours like a kid, if I ever got my hands on one :P