Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Latest bake: buche de noel

Buche de noel with robin, as made by EJ

Just a quick Christmas post from me today, as now that everything festive is prepped I'm keen to get started with the celebrations! For dessert tomorrow, I made a buche de noel using this flourless recipe by Nigella and a festive little robin following this awesome tutorial by the Spatula Sisterhood

The roulade sponge is beautiful and light, like a chocolate angel cake. The recipe is exceptionally quick to whip up with great instructions - unfortunately Nigella doesn't specify the size of her swiss roll tin - mine was 30cm x 22cm and I could easily have made two roulades with the quantity of mixture produced, so I'd recommend using a very large tin. My only real tweak to the recipe was to roll up the roulade while it was still warm (and leave to cool before unrolling, filling and icing) to prevent cracking - as Nigella says, a few cracks really won't matter as you'll be icing the cake anyway, but it is much easier to work with this way. I also added quite a bit more icing sugar to the buttercream to coat the roulade, so that it would be more pliable and easy to decorate.

The robin tutorial by Rhu Strand is great, I love the addition of a little Christmas hat! The only part that I left out was using a spaghetti splint to hold the head on, although dried spaghetti is technically edible, I try to make sure that everything I use for baking and decorating is edible and delicious. I like the idea of small children being able to eat sugar paste figurines without encountering an unexpected surprise. So I added a little tylo powder to my sugar paste to help it set quickly and fixed the head in place using a little edible glue.

That's all from me for Christmas and probably for 2013 (as I plan to take some genuine time off this Christmas), so have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year! x 

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