Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Tutorial: Pumpkin patch cupcake

Pumpkin patch cupcake, as made by EJ
I loved making the pumpkin patch cupcakes - this is a definite immersion in the cheerful side of Halloween here - with not a scary carved face to be seen (that's not to say you couldn't add some, if you wanted to...). These are super easy to make, if you don't have a carving tool and boning tool, you can easily substitute for cocktail stick and a cotton bud.

To make six vanilla cupcakes and buttercream, you can use my recipe which you'll find here.

To decorate the cupcakes you will need:
  • Orange sugar paste
  • Green sugar paste
  • A little cornflour (to dust your work surface)
  • One quantity of buttercream (using the recipe linked to above)
  • A rolling pin & board
  • An 8cm round cutter
  • A pointed carving tool (Or a cocktail stick)
  • A boning tool ( or a sterile cotton bud)
  • A pallet knife
Click on image above for a larger view of the step-by-step process
Repeat these steps for each cupcake:

1) Knead the orange sugar paste until soft, then roll a ball approximately 2.5cm - 3cm in diameter.

2) Using your carving tool (or the edge of your cocktail stick), gently indent the ball to mark the surface into quarters.

3) Then, using the same method, mark the surface to divide each quarter into thirds.

4) Use the small end of your bone tool (or your cotton bud), to poke a hole in top of the pumpkin (this is where the stalk will go, it should be approximately 5mm wide).

5) Roll a small piece of green sugar paste into a stalk shape, approximately 1.5cm long and 5mm wide at the base. Poke the stalk into the hole and curve the top of the stalk slightly over to one side.

6) Roll out a little green sugar paste very thinly (1mm thickness) and cut a few strips approximately 2mm wide.

7) By hand, gently curve the strips into loose ringlets.

8) To make the dome on top of the cupcake, place a heaped tablespoonful of buttercream on top of the cupcake. Smooth into a dome shape using your pallet knife.

9) Roll out the green sugar paste to a thickness of approximately 3mm, use the 8cm cutter to cut out a circle.

10) Lift the circle and lay it over the buttercream dome, smoothing the sides down evenly with your hands.

11) Arrange the green ringlet tendrils so that they drape outwards from the centre of the dome and place a pumpkin on top in the middle.

Repeat this process for each cupcake.

Pumpkin Halloween cupcake!
I'll be posting the remaining tutorials in my Halloween countdown over the next week, so check back in for the next one soon!

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