Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Tutorial: Ghost cupcake

Boo! Ghost cupcake, as made by EJ
Definitely the least-fiddly of my Halloween cupcake selection, the traditional sheet- ghost cupcake is super easy to make, but planning ahead does help. These are best constructed the day before, in fact, if you can make the ghosts two days in advance you can give them time to set before perching them on top of the cakes, minimising the risk of squeezing the sugar-paste out of shape in an attempt to secure that perfect jaunty angle.

When you stick the ghosts to the cupcakes, allow a little time for them to set - you may need to prop each one in place for a couple of hours until the ghost has fully adhered to the dome.

As with the other Halloween cupcakes, you can find my vanilla cupcake and buttercream recipe here.

To decorate the cupcakes you will need:
  • White sugar paste
  • Black sugar paste
  • A little cornflour (to dust your work surface)
  • One quantity of buttercream (using the recipe linked to above)
  • A rolling pin & board
  • An 8cm round cutter
  • Black gel food colouring
  • A food safe paintbrush
  • A pallet knife
  • A little edible glue or royal icing to secure the ghosts to the domes
Click on the image above for a larger view of the step-by-step process
1) Knead a small ball of white sugar-paste into a flat-topped cone approximately 3.5cm tall and 3cm wide at the base.

2) Dust your surface with a little cornflour and roll out some of the white sugar paste to a thickness of approximately 3mm. Cut out a disc using the 8cm round cutter.

3) Drape the 8cm disc over the flat-topped cone and smooth down at the sides a little, allowing the outer edge of the circle to frill and flair outwards.

4) Use your paintbrush and a dab of the black gel food colouring to paint two eyes and an open mouth onto the ghost. Leave to one side to let the sugar paste set and the colouring to dry.

5) To make the dome on top of the cupcake, place a heaped tablespoonful of buttercream on top of the cupcake. Smooth into a dome shape using your pallet knife.

6) Roll out the black sugar paste to a thickness of approximately 3mm, use the 8cm cutter to cut out a circle.

7) Lift the circle and lay it over the buttercream dome, smoothing the sides down evenly with your hands.

8) Use a little edible glue or royal icing to stick the ghost on top of the cupcake, they look best at a slight angle to give the impression they're floating over the cake. You may need to prop them up a little while the adhesive sets.

Repeat these steps for each cupcake - and enjoy!

Check back in tomorrow for the final Halloween cupcake tutorial.... the skull and snake cupcake!


  1. I'm sorry but these are SO cute! I don't normally go in for novelty things, but these are adorable!

    1. Thanks Elly :) To be honest, I don't usually go for novelty either (I think there's a tough balance to strike between cute & tacky). Pleased you like them!