Monday, 14 October 2013

Pop-up paradise: Baketopia

The unicorn cake, by The Tattooed Bakers, at Baketopia
Ok, so I know I promised the next few posts would be Halloween tutorials, but something interrupted that I had to share with you. To celebrate the start of National Baking Week (which is this week, by the way, 14th - 18th October), the fabulous curator of cake, Miss Cakehead (the brainchild behind the Tasting House) presented Baketopia - an edible pop-up shop. For two days, a small unit in Kingley Court, just off Carnaby Street, was transformed into an edible paradise. From vegetable patches, trees, a garden gnome and a campfire to a wigwam and a unicorn the size of a shetland pony - everything within the space was constructed entirely from cake, pastry, biscuits, cleverly sculpted icing or meringue kisses. It really was a site to behold.

The shop was open to the public on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th October, although when I arrived on Friday evening they were limiting admittance to those in the know who had pre-booked free entry (with a donation of £2 on the door to Great Ormond Street). Visitors were given a box and wooden tongs, to harvest treats from the installation. 

Welcome to Baketopia:

Meringue wigwam by The Meringue Girls, pie fields by Cake Revolution
and the unicorn cake, by The Tattooed Bakers
The incredible unicorn cake, complete with a gold leaf horn
Turns out unicorns are made of rainbow cake
Woodland scene, by Cake Revolution
Garden gnome cake! By Caking it
The vegetable patch, with cookie crumb soil, by Caking It
Eerily realistic cauliflowers & cabbages, ready to be planted
A milk fountain, of course
The meringue kisses wigwam, by the Meringue Girls
Cake camp fire
Pie fields! By Cake Revolution

Queues waiting outside
My box of goodies :)

The cake artist geniuses who created Baketopia
A truly amazing, very inspiring experience and the perfect way to launch National Baking Week, follow National Baking Week on Twitter for bake-spiration throughout the week.

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