Friday, 25 October 2013

Feed the Beast: Eat your heart out 2013

Remember the beautiful unicorn cake at Baketopia a couple of weeks 
ago? This is his alter-ego,  'Hector the Hell Horse', by The Tattooed Bakers 
(made of red velvet cake!)
Last night I went to the launch of the grizzliest pop-up shop I've ever been to, Feed The Beast (Eat your heart out 2013) is a showcase of magnificent nightmare-inducing cake artistry - with some of the most incredible Halloween treats on sale; from eyeball cake pops, 'mouth of the kracken' cupcakes and tentacle flapjacks, to grimly realistic cakes depicting wounded and stitched flesh. The whole shop is beautifully curated in a museum-of-curiosity-meets bakery-of-the-damned fashion.

So, with a Kracken rum & coke in one hand and my camera in the other, I ventured in - here are just a few of the highlights...

'Lord Kronos' - by Cake Revolution
Eyeball cake pops by Caking It
Baby kracken eyeballs by Caking It
Unbelievably realistic looking cake take-aways, with some questionable
ingredients... by Caking It (with some of her vomit cupcakes on the left 

hand side...)
Incredibly gory wound cupcakes by Cake Revolution, I love the bloodied
gauze packaging.
Painted cookie slabs, by Cake Revolution
Mouth of the kracken cake (with a few teeth extracted) by Heartache Cakes
Deadly tentacles cake, by Conjurer's Kitchen
A short theatrical film of the cakes projected onto the walls
Squid sucker cupcakes, by Heartache Cakes
Mouth of the kracken cupcakes! By Heartache Cakes
Tentacle flapjacks, by Heartache Cakes
Stitched flesh rocky road, by Heartache Cakes
Severed bunny ear cupcakes, by The Dainty Bakehouse
Mutant mandrake cake, by Heartache Cakes
The inside of  The Tattooed Bakers' hell horse
Vagina dentata cupcakes, by The Tattooed Bakers
Conjurer's Kitchen's 'cat with hands' cake
The shop is open NOW until Sunday 27th October, at The Rag Factory, 16-18 Heneage Street (off Brick Lane, London E1), I suggest you pop-in to pick up some exquisitely gory Halloween indulgences before they run out.

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