Friday, 30 August 2013

Latest bake: hand-painted chocolate truffle torte

Hand painted chocolate truffle torte :)
Only one post this week - and alas, not a recipe! I thought I'd start sharing some of my commissions here so you can see what I'm up to when I'm not busy developing recipes for the blog. This cake was a lovely piece to work on - a rich chocolate truffle torte, iced with dark chocolate ganache, topped with floral hand-painted sugar paste discs and an (entirely edible) moulded German shepherd dog :)


  1. A perfectly shiny dark chocolate ganache! Ah my Learncliki adviser is getting me to do this. I'm failing! haha. They look lovely by the way!

    1. Thanks Camilla - I use a Mich Turner recipe for my ganache (from her Spectacular Cakes book), works perfectly every time - so worth a go if you're struggling :)

  2. Hi Emma, thank you for your advice! I will be looking into this! :)