Monday, 3 June 2013

Get your craft on: Five great craft tutorials for Father's Day

Fab gift tutorials for Father's Day
Dads can be notoriously difficult to buy for, depending on their interests. I can only speak from my own experience, but I find that while the women in my life are happy to own beautiful things, generally, the men are more pragmatic - they appreciate good design, but everything has a purpose and a place. I've taken to relying on consumables and personalisation when it comes to making gifts for my Dad - and I think that generally it works quite well. I've scoured the interweb for crafty gift ideas for Father's Day (Sunday 16th June) which fit this bill - and found quite a few I fancy making for myself too.

Personalised pencils: I love this personalised stationery idea from Create Celebrate Explore - it's practical, looks great and is a really simple idea for a fab gift (pictured).

Personalised chocolates in a tin: A little time spent designing on your computer, a nice tin - and some of your Dad's favourite chocolates. A simple idea from Penny Springman - guaranteed to satisfy (pictured).

Embroidered tie: If your Dad works in an office or likes to look smart, this simple monogrammed tie is a great gift idea from Martha Stewart (pictured).

Appliqued towel: This lovely tutorial comes from Craft Whatever and is for a personalised barbecue towel - I think this tutorial could easily be adapted to make a hand towel for the bathroom (pictured).

Monogram painted hammer: I actually really like this one at the stage before the jazzy circus detail is applied - when the hammer is decorated with clean stripes, you could make a really sophisticated looking tool set this way. An excellent idea from spoonful.

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