Friday, 5 April 2013

Baking challenge #23: Mary Berry's petits fours aux amandes

Mary Berry's petits fours aux amandes, as baked by EJ
This was one of those: 'what can I bake that I have all of the ingredients for, won't make a mess and won't take much time' choices. For sweets that look and taste so lovely and dainty, these little petits fours really are delightfully quick, easy and un-fussy to make. Also they have that wonderfully nostalgic, slightly artificial charm that can only be achieved with half a glace cherry as a finishing touch.

They are similar in flavour and composition to Mary Berry's Macaroons (although I definitely prefer the petits fours), with a slightly less-sweet almondy richness and a pleasantly chewy texture.

The petits fours only have four ingredients - almonds, sugar, egg whites and glace cherries. Using an electric whisk to whip up the egg whites, I would say the whole preparation took less than five minutes, add baking time to this and you have a grand total of approximately 20 minutes from start to finish. Not bad.

Unlike some of the other recipes in Mary Berry's Baking Bible, I actually managed to make the full quantity of petits fours from the mixture. For the most part, they kept their shape well as they baked, but I wonder if adding a slightly greater quantity of ground almonds would retain the piped shape a little more sharply? Perhaps this is one for experimentation!

Mary Berry suggests making these as gifts - I love her idea of presenting them on a vintage charity-shop plate. A super easy recipe and one you should try.

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