Monday, 1 April 2013

An alternative Easter: Sacred Tarts

Part of my Easter celebrations this year took me to Sacred Tarts, an alternative Easter pop-up confectioners, selling sweets, cakes and biscuits inspired by biblical iconography. Hosted in Bart's Pathology Museum, the event's backdrop included jars of some of the most fascinating and grotesque pathological specimens I have ever seen, which actually complemented the religious confectionery (much of which was an exploration into the darker side of religious art and symbolism) quite nicely.

I'm increasingly impressed by the creativity and inventiveness of contemporary bakers and confectioners, who have started to produce the most amazing works of edible art - Sacred Tarts was an excellent vessel to showcase this talent. From Pope cake pops, chocolate last supper tablets, fudge rosary beads and stigmata cookies, to station of the cross cupcakes, a miracle messiah cocktail bar and opera singing, this Easter event really was refreshingly different.

Here are a few of the unusual Easter treats which were available to take home on the day:

'Our Lady of Sorrows' - by Cake Follies
Saint's skull cake, by Made With Love by Me 
Giant rosary beads - made of cupcakes! By Cara Connolly and 
Yili Brown
Stigmata gingerbread cookies and Belgian chocolate bleeding crowns 
of thorns, by Made With Love By Me
Stained glass cupcakes, by Gluten Freak
Hand painted stained glass cupcake, by Gluten Freak
Station of the cross cupcakes, by Gluten Freak
Beautiful jewelled crucifix cookies, by Bee's Knees
Fudge rosary beads and, um... strawberry and caramel liquorice
whips, by Bee's Knees
Pope pops! By Tattoo Cakes
Mitre cake, by Jen's Cakery
Chocolate last supper tablets, infused with frankincense and
myrrh, by AVM Curiosities
'New taste-ament' - edible prints, by AVM Curiosities
For more information about the event and the talent behind these biblical treats, see the Sacred Tarts Facebook page.

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