Friday, 29 March 2013

Baking challenge #22: Mary Berry's Easter biscuits

Mary Berry's Easter biscuits
This recipe was featured on the British Bake Off Easter special last week, (alongside Mary Berry's Simnel cake, which I recently tested)- and is available online here. The only difference between the recipe linked to and the one in Mary Berry's Baking Bible is the addition of 25g of candied peel, (the ingredients via the link above are double quantities- so you would actually need 50g). The biscuits are also removed from the oven after approximately 10 minutes, to be glazed with whisked egg white and sprinkled with sugar, before baking for another few minutes.

These are just as easy to make as they look and have that familiar fruity-spiced biscuit flavour. The recipe advises to cut the biscuits from dough approximately 5mm thick, but this is unlikely to produce 24 biscuits as stated in the recipe, I think my dough was approximately 3mm thickness to generate around 20 biscuits.

I always chill shaped biscuits for a few minutes before baking (20-30 minutes), as I've found this helps them to keep their shape, I would definitely do this if I was making the bunny and butterfly Easter shapes with this recipe (as Mary Berry does here).

A very easy recipe, these would be a good biscuit tin staple - as well as a simple Easter treat.


  1. We got 20 biscuits out of our dough and baked the first batch of 10 for 15 minutes and its just not long enough. Second batch of 10 biscuits currently (LOL) in the oven ...

  2. I hope you had better results with your second batch! Happy Easter!