Sunday, 24 March 2013

Baking challenge #21: Mary Berry's simnel cake

Mary Berry's simnel cake, as baked by EJ

Ok, so technically this one is a bit of a cheat in my baking challenge  - as there is a photo of the simnel cake in Mary Berry's Baking Bible. But it's Easter, I've never made a simnel cake before and I figure who better to learn from then the Berry? The cake is a brilliant spiced fruit cake, not too heavy - and the layer of marzipan baked in the centre seems to melt into the rest of the cake a little, adding a lovely almondy richness. If nothing else, it's worth trying this recipe to test out Mary Berry's home made marzipan (which is actually amazeballs and super easy). I never realised how straightforward making marzipan could be - but it really is just a matter of combining two types of sugar, ground almonds and a few drops of almond extract.

A very good choice for a traditional Easter treat, I would definitely return to this recipe - and will absolutely be making my own marzipan again now I've discovered how easy it is! 

This time last year, I tested out Mary Berry's hot cross buns.

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