Friday, 15 February 2013

Review: 'Home Made' cookie stamp

'Home made' sugar cookies and gingerbread biscuits, as made by EJ
'Home made', embossed icing
I had been coveting this 'home made' cookie stamp for quite some time, so when I found them in the sale at Bert's Homestore, I picked one up straight away. It's beautifully made and the food safe rubber stamp can be removed from the base for cleaning.

'Home made' cookie stamp
I decided to do a proper review of this one and test out the recipe on the tag. A cursory glance at the ingredients (more specifically, the proportions stated) told me this would be a disaster - and it really was:

Using the recipe on the tag... this looks a little too home made for me
For companies manufacturing baking goods, this kind of throwing recipes together without testing them really isn't on. My baking spidey senses told me it wasn't going to work (250g butter to 300g flour, seriously?), but there are plenty of people out there who wouldn't foresee the mess pictured above - the manufacturers really aren't helping consumers get the most out of their product here. I mean, I know it's supposed to look rustic, but surely the finished product is also supposed to resemble a biscuit in some way?

So, instead - my I used my basic sugar cookie recipe (and also tested out the stamp on some leftover gingerbread dough) - both baked well, resulting in a clearly embossed 'home made' biscuit. When you make biscuits which have a stamped decoration, always choose a recipe which holds its shape well - and chill the cut dough for an hour before baking to aid this process. I'd recommend using a round cutter (the same diameter as the stamp) for clean edges.

'Home made', using EJ's sugar cookie & gingerbread recipe
I would always recommend scrutinising the recipes attached to baking products and checking the ingredients and method against recipes which you know work well (or at least have reviews and images online), as it would seem that they aren't always tested.

I also used the stamp to imprint sugar paste icing - I love these colourful decorated sugar cookies, I think these would make a great gift packaged in a little box with some tissue paper.

Iced 'home made' sugar cookies, as made by EJ

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  1. Beautiful cookie stamp (and cookies!). I know what you mean about receipes that come with kitchen equipment - if they don't work it could put some people off!