Sunday, 6 January 2013

A new start and the first bake of 2013

My favourite carrot cake, as baked by EJ
In retrospect, 2012 was an unintentional year of reflection and lifestyle analysis. The sum of this being that the very tail end of 2012, Owen and I made some last minute decisions to completely change our lives- we made the difficult decision that in order to achieve the things we want to over the next few years, we should leave Brighton. After a couple of months of frantic decision making, luck, upheaval (and the quickest house purchase in the history of real estate) we are now settled in our home county of Kent; largely facing the unknown in 2013 - but sure in our assertion that this is a very exciting time for a new start. I am of course sad to leave the vibrant town which I've called home for the past eight years - and all of the wonderful people we know there, but I'm looking forward to the fact that this move will (perhaps incongruously) allow me to progress as a creative professional.

So, to paraphrase the above - you can expect a lot more blogging, recipes and tutorials to start appearing here while I get to work on the scary task of business start up - yippee!

My first bake of 2013 is my favourite cake of all time - carrot cake. Carrot cake is such a timeless classic and while I don't think you can (or should) ever describe cake as healthy, there is something undeniably wholesome about a slice of home made carrot cake. For me, carrot cake shouldn't be too sweet, it's best as the kind of cake that you can comfortably eat three slices of without feeling overwhelmed. I used my favourite carrot cake recipe, omitting walnuts and adding a teaspoon of ground ginger, using up some left over vanilla buttercream to ice. I used a square tin instead of my usual round one, for a lovely step by step of how to line round and square cake tins to achieve a professional result, see this tutorial.

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