Thursday, 25 October 2012

TEDx Brighton - the generation gap

Just a quick update to announce that I will be baking for TEDx Brighton this year! 350 cupcakes to be precise (yikes!). The conference is tomorrow, so today will mostly be about epic baking - I'll be covering the event here too and will be also writing about the experience of baking my biggest baking commission to date (as well as posting my recipe, naturally).

I'm very excited to be involved in such an awesome event - the theme this year is 'the generation gap', with a range of speakers from different backgrounds and an interactive ideas lab, it's sure to be an inspiring day.

The TEDx Brighton bloggers have even written a little piece about my contribution, which you can read here!

Here's a sneak peek of my day today:

That's all you get for now!...

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  1. "Epic Baking!" - Love it! Hope it goes well. I'm well jel!