Thursday, 26 July 2012

Baking challenge #15: Mary Berry's Cheese Straws

Mary Berry's cheese straws, as baked by EJ

Cheese usually makes everything better, so the abundance of cheese-based bakes in Mary Berry's baking bible can only be a good thing. In fact, unlike some of the other recipes I've tried, I wouldn't need an image to encourage me to bake any of them, because it's difficult to be disappointed by something which contains cheese.

These cheese straws can be frozen, MB says 'they taste good even when freezer-hard!' Oh, Mary Berry! You just couldn't wait, could you? They taste pretty good straight out of the oven too. Topped with crispy parmesan, these are unlike your usual cheese straws, the mixture is closer to a short crust pastry than puff, but I think the egg yolk makes them rise a little, so they are still fairly light.

Apparently this recipe makes 30 cheese straws, 30 miniature cheese straws- as they are only 10cm long each, but I guess maybe this makes them more munchable?

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