Monday, 23 July 2012

Baking challenge #14: Mary Berry's sugared pretzels

Mary Berry's sugared pretzels, as baked by EJ
We are having a series of bake sales at work to raise money for Macmillan cancer support- a brilliant cause and as everyone in our office is a fan of cake / baked things, a great way to fund raise! But I totally forgot about this bake sale until the night before :S Getting home from work relatively late I picked up Mary Berry's Baking Bible and scoured the pages for something I a) had all the ingredients for and b) thought I could make relatively quickly- preferably at the same time as preparing dinner. I found sugared pretzels!

I have a love hate relationship with pretzels. They look so fun with their cute little nautical knots (Wikipedia has lots of different versions of the origins of the knotted shape, none of which are nautical), but usually I feel a little disappointed - whatever the type, I think I just usually prefer the shape to the flavour.

Mary berry's recipe makes 16 pretzels, I have to admit I made a double batch and made 8 each time, I couldn't bring myself to make teeny weenie pretzels to bring to a bake sale - it would be so useful with some of these things if MB would give an idea of the size of the finished product. So you can assume that the ones I made are approximately twice as big as they should be!

They turned out to be kind if a cross between a biscuit and a doughnut, although I think the doughnutty-ness was probably due to the copious amounts of icing sugar dusted on to the pretzels to finish them. The flavour was really good, a subtle vanilla, but the texture was just a bit incongruous, like they either should have been much softer or a little harder. I guess in this instance I didn't really give them a fair test, maybe they'd be better at half the size?

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