Sunday, 15 July 2012

Baking challenge #13: Mary Berry's Dorchester biscuits

Mary Berry's Dorchester biscuits, as baked by EJ
Somehow it's been almost a month since I've blogged! Yikes! I've had two weeks of being rushed off my feet, followed by a week camping in the New Forest with no internet access (it rained the whole time), only to return to find that our router had died. A quick call to Talk Talk to request a new router which they said they'd send AND THEY NEVER DID. So thanks to exceptionally great service from our Internet provider (ahem), we lasted a pitiful week and a half sans Internet before caving and just buying a new router. On the plus side, in the mean time I have been baking :)

Mary Berry's Dorchester biscuits were part of my gift to my Dad on Father's Day. Having realised that it's almost impossible for money to buy the perfect gift for my Dad (because most things I think of buying he already has / would require more money than I have), I tend to go for consumables. Owen always says that the way to a man's heart is straight through the ribcage (ho ho ho)... while technically accurate, I pretty much believe that food is the way to anyone's heart - so more often than not, my gifts to friends and family are home made and food-centric.

So, knowing that my Dad is a fan of cheese, I browsed Mary Berry's Baking Bible and found the recipe for Dorchester biscuits. These biscuits are exceptionally easy to make and really seemed to take no time at all. They have a lovely cheese-biscuit flavour with a hint of heat from the cayenne pepper. I love the chopped nuts as a finishing touch, they makle the biscuits look special and add a really nice texture, complementing the flavour brilliantly. My only criticism is that they were a little dry, I wonder if I had removed them from the oven a couple of minutes sooner if they would have been a bit nicer, but I guess if you're eating them with cheese it probably makes up for this! As with 99% of Mary Berry's recipes I would try this one again, maybe with just a few small tweaks.

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