Saturday, 16 June 2012

Wardrobe admin: Super + Super = clothes swap

Monthly clothes swap at Super + Super
In an attempt to curb my careless spending habits, I'm trying to rely more on charity shops, upcycling and clothes swaps to rejuvenate my wardrobe. It's really made me scrutinise my clothing situation and assess whether I really need the things I want to buy. With a wardrobe full of clothes I love but hardly ever wear (things that don't suit me any more / never suited me / just don't work for some frustrating reason) it was about time I joined the clothes swap movement.

Brighton's new creative hub Super + Super has been running monthly clothes swaps since they opened- I've been to all three so far and quite excitingly I've found something great each time. 

If you're used to (and actually like) the kind of clothes swap events where ladies use their elbows as weapons to bash each other out of the way or quibble over key pieces, don't come here! Super + Super seems to naturally attract a really lovely bunch of ladies, there's a nice kind of camaraderie feel - it's kind of like going shopping with your friends, with lots of "this didn't fit me but I think it would really suit you" and styling advice "that looks great, maybe you could wear it with this..." going on, the kind of genuinely nice interactions that should occur at these events! There's also something truly fulfilling about seeing someone pick up a garment that you've been reluctant to let go of (even though you never wear it)- and finding that it actually suits them (maybe this is a kind of closure?).

For the very reasonable sum of £5 and the donation of a few (good quality) unwanted tops and dresses, I've found ace additions to my wardrobe at each swap shop, here are my latest finds (photographed on a ridiculously sunny day, these are literally the only photos where my eyes aren't closed):

Printed cotton dress with collar
Floral dress with circle skirt
Mint green vintage hand made dress
Three fab dresses and a fun evening out for a fiver and a few garments which would have otherwise been resigned to the depths of my wardrobe before being carted off to the charity shop - not a bad result.

The next clothes swap is on 22nd June at 8pm at Super + Super HQ - see you there! To find out more about Super + Super June events, visit their what's on page - get involved!

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