Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Recipe: fondant topped fairy cakes

Fondant iced cupcakes, as baked by EJ
If you've read much of this blog, you've probably realised that I'm a big fan of icing. Don't get me wrong, a perfect sponge is the foundation of - and is a necessity of - a brilliant cake, in fact, the sponge is the bit you really want to eat. But the icing makes you want to eat it. The finishing touches are the elements which add instant appeal and I love that by adding small details to a basic cake you can create something really special. I've discovered an ace new (but actually totally old-school) tool which I've started using to create jazzy cupcake tops.

Cookie stamps, my new favourite thing (sometimes also called 'cookie molds' in the US)- the stamps are traditionally used to create an imprint on the topside of a biscuit before you bake it, so you end up with a cookie with a pretty design on it - lovely.

After a lot of searching and lamenting that I couldn't find a store which would ship hand carved wooden cookie molds to the UK, I stumbled across some beautiful ceramic cookie stamps on Etsy (check out Distlefunk's store) and purchased these three:

Ceramic cookie stamps
Rycraft ceramic cookie stamps

To make the fairy cakes I used a basic fairy cake recipe (it's the same one I used for the pirate skull & crossbone fairy cakes, so you can find the recipe details here - it makes 24 cakes).

You've made your cakes, now for the fun part - the icing!

You will need:

Approximately 400g white ready to roll fondant icing
2tsp red powdered icing colouring
Icing sugar for dusting
150g soft butter
150g icing sugar
1/2 tsp water

A rolling pin
A 5cm diameter cookie stamp
A 5.5cm diameter round or fluted cookie cutter

First, mix up a basic buttercream icing using the softened butter, icing sugar and water - add the water gradually, (if the icing is too thick add more water, one drop at a time). Spread a little of the buttercream icing on the top of each fairy cake- this will act as a kind of glue to keep the fondant icing tops in place.

Work the white icing in your hands until it's soft and maleable, add the food colouring gradually, folding in to the icing and kneading until the icing is an evenly pink colour.

Dust a clean work surface with icing sugar and roll out the icing until it's approximately 3-4mm thick.

Imprinting the icing
Press the cookie stamp into the icing applying even pressure to create a level impression, repeat across the icing leaving enough room around the outside to cut out each design.

Cut out the tops using your round or fluted cookie cutter, carefully slide a pallet knife under each one to remove it from the surface without damage. Place a fondant icing top onto each fairy cake, using the buttercream as a kind of glue to keep the icing in place.

The finished heart fondant-topped fairy cakes
Very easy and quick to do, with great results! These little cakes have an easy to achieve professional finish to them, doesn't it make all the difference?


  1. Those are amazing!!! They really do look fantastic! :)

  2. Thanks Fran :) Did you see my skull & crossbone cupcakes? I think they're right up your street x