Sunday, 3 June 2012

Recipe: American style blueberry pancakes

American style blueberry pancakes with banana and strawberries, as made by EJ
This is my favourite Sunday morning breakfast of all time, I went through a decadent phase of making these every Sunday morning, but now I tend to save them for special occasions (or at least when blueberries are in season). These American style pancakes have fresh blueberries mixed into the batter, as they cook the blueberries burst releasing their flavour into the pancakes.

You can eat these as they are, but I like them with fresh fruit and a little honey- this time we had strawberries and banana.

This recipe makes approximately four 15cm diameter pancakes (I used a frying pan with a 15cm base). The pancakes fluff up as they cook and are actually quite filling, so with toppings this is enough for a decent breakfast for four people, or an epic breakfast for two slightly greedy people.

To make blueberry American style pancakes, you will need:

2 eggs
6 heaped tbs plain flour
2tsp baking powder
1/2 tbs icing sugar
250ml milk
A generous handful of blueberries

1/2 tbs oil for frying

Beat the eggs in a measuring jug or bowl with a lip (so you can pour the batter into the frying pan when it's ready), then gradually add the flour, baking powder and icing sugar, mixing into a thick paste. Slowly add the milk, mixing as you do to avoid lumps appearing. Once all of the milk has been added, chuck in a handful of blueberries and mix into the batter.

Heat the oil in a small frying pan, make sure the surface of the pan is lightly coated with oil. Turn down to a low heat and pour in enough batter to cover the base of the pan (this should be approximately 4-5mm thick).

Cook on the lowest heat for approximately 5 minutes or until set the whole way through. Then carefully flip over with a spatula and cook on the other side for 2-3 minutes.

If you are making several pancakes at once, keep them warm by stacking them on a tray on a low shelf of an oven set to it's lowest heat.

These pancakes have a lovely fluffy texture and a hint of sweetness, great for a special breakfast or brunch. To serve, top with sliced banana, strawberries and a little honey.

An excellent breakfast treat for a lazy sunday or bank holiday - enjoy!

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