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Wardrobe admin: crochet lace collar tutorial

Crochet lace collar - as made by EJ
Adding a collar to an outfit can instantly transform your look and is a super way to add a smart edge to a casual composition. I remember when I was a student (back in the day) spending altogether too long in the library looking through the old copies of 1940s wartime Vogue. Due to rationing and the scarcity of materials Vogue ran a series of accessories tutorials- including knitted, crocheted and sewn collars and cuffs, so that ladies could buy just one dress to wear to all occasions. I think that the idea was almost that with a few small touches you could trick people into thinking you had a fuller wardrobe than you did - I think they were on to something!

Over the past couple of years I've seen collars start to re-appear as accessories across the high street - (funny how in times of austerity the same trends can re-surface). Some of the ones I've seen are super expensive, so I decided to start making my own. If you have moderate- advanced crochet skills- give this one a go! I'll get to work on an easy version to satisfy beginners too.

This little lace collar with a ribbon tie will add an instant touch of vintage to your outfit, to avoid looking twee, pair it with a t-shirt and skinny jeans.

How to...

Crochet skill - medium

I used a 3-ply mercerised cotton and a 3.5mm crochet hook
You will also need 1 metre of ribbon (5mm width)

I use an edging stitch for this which I found in my ultimate stitch bible. If you're learning to knit and crochet this is the book which will get you through every stage of your learning- there are illustrations in the front of every abbreviation and basic stitch. I've been using this book for stitch inspiration for years now.

Cast on 104 sts

Note- special abbreviation: Tr2tog= 1tr into each of next 2tr until 1 loop of each remains on hook, yo and through all 3 loops on hook

1st row: 1dc into 2nd chain from hook, 1dc into each chain until the end, turn

2nd row: 1ch, 2dc into 1st dc, 2ch, miss 2dc, 1dc into next dc *miss 2dc, 6tr into next dc, miss 2dc, 1dc into next dc, 2ch, miss 2dc, 1dc into next dc. Rep from * to end, turn

3rd row: 1ch, 1dc into 1st st, 2ch *1tr into next tr, (1ch, 1tr into next tr) x5, 1dc into next 2ch sp. Rep from * until last 2dc, skipping last dc, 2ch, 1dc into last dc, turn.

4th row: 3ch (count as 1tr), (1tr into next tr, 2ch) x5 *tr2tog [special abbreviation], 2ch, (1tr into next tr, 2ch) x4. Rep from * to last tr, work 1tr into 2 loops remain on the hook, 1tr into last dc until 3 loops remain on hook, yo and through all 3 loops. Turn

5th row: 1ch, 1dc into 1st st, 3dc into 1st 2ch sp *7ch, 3dc into next 2ch sp. Rep from * to last 2tr, 1dc into 3rd of 3ch at beginning of previous row. Fasten off.

Sew in the ends of the crochet and press with an iron on medium setting:

The pressed crochet collar
Pin the ribbon into place on the reverse side of the collar so that there is a good length at either end:

Hand sew the ribbon in place, remove the pins and hey presto! You have a fab new home-made accessory:

The finished lace crochet collar!

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