Tuesday, 22 May 2012

New baking inspiration: Cox, cookies and cake

I discovered an awesome new contemporary baking resource, a rather controversially styled book called Cox cookies and cake, not your usual baking book, this particular title is edgily a bit, well... seedy looking. The cupcakes are photographed against dark backgrounds, the pages in-between recipes feature images of neon signs from strip clubs and sex shops. Yikes. Even the cakes themselves are iced in colours which are somehow un-settling and in some cases really quite unappetising. I find myself marvelling at the skill of the sugar paste decoration while thinking "but would I really want to eat a cake that looks like that?". Probably not, but hey - a cake's a cake, even if it looks like it might belong in the red light district -and besides, great books like this are all about inspiration over imitation.

Imagine for a moment that Dr. Frank-n-furter from the rocky horror show was a master baker, these are the kinds of cupcakes you might find in the rocky horror show kitchen. The recipes in this racy book really excel in presentation, with cupcakes adorned with sugar paste muscly torsos, arms with bulging biceps, luscious red lips, skull and crossbones, bra and panties... and nipples, just to name a few of the intricate finishing touches. Aside, of course from all of this, the recipe which really made Cox, cookies and cakes a must-have in my baking collection, is a tutorial around building a royal icing crown - royal jubilee cupcakes here we come!

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