Monday, 30 April 2012

Baking challenge #9: Mary Berry's shrewsbury biscuits

Mary Berry's shrewsbury biscuits, as baked by EJ

When I was a little girl, shrewsbury biscuits were a biscuit tin staple, only we called them dead-fly biscuits (grim, huh?). Mary Berry's shrewsbury biscuits are delicately flavoured with lemon and are peppered with  sweet currants and topped with a sugary coating, the biscuits themselves have a lovely buttery texture.

These were really easy to make and very tasty, but I did find the the biscuits lost their shape as they baked, which was disappointing. Mary Berry suggests to roll the mixture to approximately 5mm thick before cutting out with a fluted cutter, for me this made the finished biscuits a little too thick as they seemed to rise a little in the oven. I always remember dead fly biscuits as being quite thin and a little crispy, I think if I made these again I'd roll the dough out to approximately 2-3mm in the hopes of the finished biscuit being a little more delicate.

If you make these shrewsbury biscuits eat them quickly - they will only last for a few days in an air tight container, but it's definitely worth making them fresh, they taste a zillion times better than store purchased alternatives.

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