Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Baking challenge #5: Mary Berry's Viennese fingers

Mary Berry's viennese fingers, as baked by EJ

As a write this blog post, I am in fact, consuming the fruits of my labour. Damn these biscuits are good! I have devled into the 'fancy biscuits' chapter of Mary Berry's Baking Bible (who could resist a title like fancy biscuits?) and discovered the first un-photographed delight.

These viennese fingers have a sumptuous buttery melt-in-the-mouth kind of flavour which is very more-ish (I'm on my third). For fancy biscuits they were actually surprisingly easy to make, you really only need about 20 mins of baking prep time, which I don't think is too bad.

As with the apricot swiss cakes, these were exceptionally difficult to pipe. So difficult, in fact, that I added another 25 grams of butter to the mixture to get a good piping consistency. I am only conclude that Mary Berry must be a great deal stronger than she looks, hiding muscles of steel beneath those shirt sleeves and using only the most un-breakable of piping bags. Either that or my measurement was slightly out the first time round (but I kind of prefer the Mary Berry = freakishly strong theory).

To draw another parallel with the apricot swiss cakes, the viennese fingers were also exceptionally fragile when they came out of the oven, so be sure to leave them plenty of time to cool before moving them, or they're likely to break.

Awesome biscuits, apart from my piping drama (I'm sensing a theme here), they were super easy to make and actually look quite impressive. So much so, that I'm going to stop eating them now and send them as a gift to someone, but I can't say who, because I haven't sent them yet.

The close up

Have you made viennese fingers? How did yours turn out?

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