Wednesday, 1 February 2012

My Mary Berry baking challenge

I held off buying Mary Berry's Baking Bible for a while..... I was secretly kind of hoping it might end up as one of my Christmas gifts, but it turns out that having a minor obsession with The Great British Bake Off and talking about it to pretty much everyone, most people assumed that I already owned the beautiful beast of a book.

Anyway, I treated myself to the wondrous book a couple of weeks ago! Over 250 classic recipes crammed into one beautifully produced hard backed book.... so where to start?

Upon first opening the baking bible my only disappointment was that lots of the recipes don't have images, in fact, most of the recipes don't have images.... I've come to realise that with the majority of recipe books I own, I almost exclusively only try the recipes which are accompanied by images. Which is silly really, I remember when I was a kid feeling super miffed when other kids said they wouldn't read a book without pictures. Isn't my ignoring picture-less recipes exactly the same type of ignorant approach? Why should I need an image to bring the recipe to life, when it's all there on the page in carefully typed ingredients and description?

I trust Mary Berry enough to believe that as the veritable queen of British baking,  all of her recipes are tried and tested enough to ensure consistent results. But I still like knowing what the things I'm going to eat will look like, truthfully, it usually makes the difference between my decision to-bake-or-not-to-bake. Let's face it, I'm a sucker for pretty food. So I'm setting myself a challenge- to bake all of the recipes in the baking bible which are devoid of images- and share the pics of the results with you. I can't promise to do this within a certain amount of time (as much as I love intensive baking, I'm not going to go all Julie & Julia on this), but I will post the photos of the successes.... and failures of this task.

Exciting baking times ahead.......

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  1. How exciting!

    and I totally agree. Recipes without pictures take out all the enticement and seduction. Imagination in the kitchen? Unheard of!