Monday, 22 August 2011

This Weekend I Made: Courgette Muffins

Oh blog you must feel neglected. We are currently packing up our lives to move to a new flat and this has left very little time for experimental baking and recipe blogging, the past few weeks I have spent dreaming about our new kitchen and the wonderful bakes which will emerge from the shiny oven within. Not long now! Until then, I found a fabulous new baking book....

I recently purchased an amazing muffin recipe book called Scrumptious Muffins. Finally a book which makes me want to bake each recipe cover to cover! The muffin recipes in Marc Grossman's book are delicious looking, full of fruit and low in sugar. Many of the recipes are also dairy free so this book is great for anyone with lactose intolerance.

I decided to start with the courgette muffins, I am a big fan of courgette cake and these muffins are also flavoured with apple and cinnamon, making them a great alternative to carrot cake. My first attempt doesn't look quite as pretty as Marc's, and I will definitely reduce the cooking time a little next time, but the recipe produced a beautiful flavour and I really like the idea of using a curl of courgette to decorate the top.

It may be true that muffins are just ugly cupcakes, but when they taste damned good, who cares?

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